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Fleas VS Ticks

Perhaps, most of you have a number of different pets in your home. Aside from being responsible for the food they eat and shelter, you should also take good care of their health. There are cases when your pet is being infected by some of the tiniest insects that you can’t easily see. If you have dogs and cats, you may encounter insects like fleas and ticks. But, did you know what fleas are like? How about ticks?

Flea is a small and wingless insect. They have a shiny body and a reddish- brown color that are covered with their microscopic hairs. Though they are wingless, they have the ability to jump easily. With their 8 inch vertical leap, they can quickly hop to get into your pet. They are fed by your pet’s blood, and sometimes flea dirt. This dirt can be the cause of infestation of your pet.

While fleas are a kind of small insect that can infect your pet, ticks are also small parasitic organisms. They live in the fields and wooded areas, and needed blood from animals or humans to survive. Apart from this, they also carry different serious diseases that can be passed onto animal or humans by their bite.

What are the signs of ticks?

  • Fever -  after the tick’s bite, you dog may show some signs of mild and high- grade fever. It can last for 24 hours or even days and weeks. The signs for fever includes loss of appetite, unusual panting, weakness and shivering.
  • Unexplained scabs – ticks can also cause excessive licking and nipping on the bite areas. If you observed this kind of behavior and find some scabs on the body of your dog, take a closer test and examination.
  • Constant head shaking – if you observe that your dog is having lots of head shaking, ticks may burrowed in its ear canal.

How to get rid of ticks naturally?

  • Apple cider vinegar is good for exterminating the ticks. You have to equally mix water and vinegar, then soak a clean cloth in it, scrub well and wet the skin areas with it.
  • Chamomile. You can make tea with flower from this kind of plant. Then, let it chill and soak a clean cloth in it to apply on the critical areas from the ticks’ bite.
  • Citrus like lemon, orange, grapefruit and mandarin is also another great natural repellant for ticks. You need to boil a half liter of water then add two citrus fruit that are cut into slices. When it is already cold, pour it in a spray bottle. The, you may now apply it to the coat of your dog.
  • And the best way to get rid from, is through constant cleaning of your home and disinfecting it with the use of this natural homemade products. Keeping a clean home can lessen the widespread of these parasites. You have to remember that your pets are not just the only one who can be infected from this, but also the members of your family.

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