How does Baltic Amber flea collars work?

Static electricity generated when amber rubs against the pet's fur makes parasites uncomfortable and unable to cling to hairs. In addition, heated by friction to pet's fur amber releases piney aroma that repel ticks and fleas. The necklace works at its full effectiveness after three weeks of wearing. Please note that amber repels ticks and fleas but will not treat heavy existing infestation, so you must exterminate flea or tick infestation with other remedies before using amber collar.

How do I know which size to get for my dog? How do I measure?
For the best fit you should allow for a finger or two between the necklace and the neck. If in doubt or between two sizes we'd always recommend ordering the larger one. The amber necklace has to fit tightly around your pet's neck, but not interfere with breathing. As raw amber beads vary in size and shape, the length of necklaces may not be 100% accurate.

Does the necklace interfere with using regular collar and leash?
No. They can both be on your dog’s neck. Just do not use the amber necklace instead of the regular collar.

How do I take care of the necklace?
Amber beads get oily by constant friction to fur thus it is recommended to wash the necklace weekly with warm water and soap. The need to wash the necklace may vary from the length and amount of pet’s fur.

How long does the necklace stay effective?
Amber necklace stays effective for up to a year. Replace it when beads get polished to maintain the best tick and flea repelling effect.